Supporting Doctors Improving Patient Care

MSU is an independent, innovative and creative organisation of medical professionals, based in the UK, and aims at supporting medical professionals in the United Kingdom, Europe and around the world.

MSU is solely run by doctors for doctors, with technological advancements as its ally, it provides state of the art advanced support and services to its members.

MSU was founded in 2011 envisaging changing medical frontiers and highest expectation of medical service delivery from the doctors, by the general public and government, to achieve sustained high levels of patient care.

Supporting doctors, improving patient care

MSU was founded to help doctors take control of their lives and career. Medical professionals in the UK and all over the world are increasingly facing unprecedented levels of pressure from social and economic change, technological advances, new legislation and government policies and new regulatory burdens. MSU was therefore founded to help doctors deal with these changes and challenges, in a proactive manner.

We believe where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity!

By working together with MSU and its associates doctors are well equipped to achieve better and improved targets of keeping on the top of medical profession, becoming more efficient and effective, sharing contemporary best evidence based practice, supporting one another in difficult situations, and in gleaning wisdom from the body of combined knowledge and experience, through systematic and structured ways of working.