Supporting Doctors Improving Patient Care

Being an appraiser with MSU offers a rewarding experience by joining one of UK’s most dynamic and professional networks improving doctor practice.

In order to provide the best possible service and support to our doctors throughout their journey towards Revalidation, MSU offers a network of fully trained and qualified appraisers available across the UK.

MSU is continuously seeking more appraisers to come on board to ensure we’re extending our reach when offering our appraisal services to doctors.

Benefits for Appraisers

MSU offers a friendly professional organisation for anyone seeking to expand their career. There are many benefits to being an appraiser. It provides you with the opportunity to show in your own appraisal, that you have supported other doctors/nurses in completing a successful appraisal; you will obtain the knowledge and experience to certify that your own appraisals are of a high quality; and you’ll have the chance to earn more with our competitive remuneration for the service provided.

To become an MSU Network Appraiser

To become an Appraiser, please complete the form by following the link below.

The following requirements are applicable:

  1. You must be an experienced, well qualified and appropriately trained medical appraiser
  2. We require an up-to-date CV
  3. We will need to see copies of your appraiser training certificate

Should you wish further information on becoming an Appraiser, please contact our support team here.