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Our terms and conditions

All the small print about using the Medical Support Union Service

We last updated this page on the 09 February 2016.

1) This website is owned and operated by The Medical Support Union Ltd (hereafter referred to as MSU or We or Our), which is registered in England No. 08057563. Registered office: 1 Sopwith Crescent, Wickford, Essex, SS11 8YU.

2). These terms and conditions govern your use of our services; By joining, connecting or using MSU as your medical governance organisation you are giving your confirmation that you have understood the terms of this agreement.

3) Who we are and what we do

3.1) MSU is an independent medical support and governance organisation and cooperative provider of medical governance services including:

3.1.a) The provision of medical governance services as described on the website section named Fees and Services.

3.1.b) To promote medical education, teaching and training of contemporary best evidence based medicine through seminars, workshops, talk shows and conferences.

3.1.c) A state of the art appraisal e-platform system enabling UK and international Doctors to engage the services of appraisers to carry out an annual appraisal in line with Good Medical Practice with honesty, probity and integrity.

3.2) Appraisee Fast-track / Membership: We will provide you with the necessary resources needed to assist you in completing the appraisal or revalidation process. The products, services and / or resources you are eligible to access depend on the service you have opted and paid for and are based on availability.  Please refer to the “Fees & Services” section of for further details.

3.3) Appraiser: You will be provided with the necessary resources needed to assist you in completing the appraisal task; please visit the “Become an Appraiser” section of and refer to the copy of your Appraiser Terms for further details.

3.4) Designated Body: You will be provided with a dedicated account manager who will manage your instructions and endeavour to keep you informed and updated with all relevant events, issues and information as pre-agreed with your MSU account manager.

4) Service Level Agreement

We will endeavour to provide you with the highest level of service at all times; this includes responding to your contact promptly, dealing with your enquiries in a transparent and efficient manner and handling your instructions with due care and diligence.

5) Our products & services

5.1) MSU can change the prices and details of the products, services and offers on our website and other marketing material without giving notice. These changes won’t affect any agreements or services you already have with us.

5.2) We can only provide you with products and services if they’re available – and we can’t guarantee they will be.

5.3) None of the information on this website is an offer to sell (or buy) anything. You can apply for our products and services, but this is subject to availability and at our discretion.

6) Cancelation and refund policy

6.1) Members may cancel an advanced purchase membership or other subscription at any time. A new advanced purchase membership or subscription may be cancelled and refunded within 14 days. After 14 days any subscription shall continue for its duration and not be refunded.  Cancellation requests will only be considered via email at or in writing to the operations office.

7) Membership Duration

Annual membership will start from the date you receive login details to the E-Platform unless agreed otherwise in advance.  The membership will remain active for 12 months.  Members will receive a renewal reminder email and be informed their subscription is due to expire at least 30 days prior to the expiration date and asked to opt out by emailing ; if a member does not choose to opt out we will allow the membership to roll onto the subsequent year/s and invoice the member accordingly.  Any changes to the cost of the membership at renewal will be confirmed within the renewal reminder email.  If the member doesn’t respond to the renewal reminder email which may or may not include a change to terms, service or fees; we will assume the member finds the renewal conditions acceptable and agrees to pay the invoice.

8) Payments

Payment to MSU for a product or for services need to be paid in advance or within 10 working days of receiving an invoice. We accept cheque, BACS, debit card, most credit cards and PayPal; however if you’re unsure on how to make a payment please contact our office for further details.

9) Complaints

We take complaints very seriously.  Should the need arise for you to complain about any area of business , services or communications please request a complaints guide and provide details of your complaint to

10) Mediation Resolution

If you are unhappy or do not agree with the result of an appraisal, revalidation or would like to challenge a decision that has effected you; please email requesting a copy of our Mediation Resolution policy and provide details of the issue you would like to raise.

11) Privacy and Data Protection

Please visit the “MSU Website Privacy Policy” page of for details

12) Copyright rules

The copyright in the material contained in this website belongs to us or its licensed owner. You can copy or download any part of this material as long as:

  • You don’t use it for business purposes.
  • The copies keep any copyright notices from the original material.
  • The products, processes and technology described on this website may be controlled by other copyrights or patents that we (or other people) have. This section of the terms and conditions doesn’t give you the right to copy those.

Similarly, all the images on this site are protected by copyright and you must not reproduce them or use them without the owner’s written permission.

Further Copyright terms can be found under our online section “Terms and Conditions for Website Usage”.

13) Links to other websites

Certain links on this website will take you to other sites that we don’t control. When you click these links, you’ll leave our website. Because we don’t control these websites, we won’t accept any responsibility or liability for the material you find there.

By using links to third party websites, we don’t intend to get business from – or offer security to – any person, in any country, directly or indirectly.

14) Changes to terms and records of agreements

We have the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.  It’s your responsibility to read the terms and conditions regularly to make sure you’re aware of any changes. If you use the website, service or receive communication after we’ve changed something, we’ll take this to mean you’ve accepted the changed terms and conditions.