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MSU Medical Appraisal

MSU’s e-platform ensures that doctors can demonstrate their fitness to practice when it suits them, 24 by 7.

From December 2012 GMC registered doctors are required to have a regular appraisal, based on the Good Medical Practice Framework for appraisal and revalidation guidance in order to revalidate. This is a statutory requirement following the amendment of Medical Act (1983).

This Followed the Bristol and Shipman inquiries (Kennedy, 2001; Smith, 2001–05), and partly as a result of the increasing complexity of doctors’ working practices (Follet and Paulson-Ellis, 2001), the robust appraisal scheme has been in place partly to address inconsistencies in earlier local, specialty and organisational schemes and partly to embed an element of performance review.

The main elements of the appraisal are similar for all doctors. The primary aim of the appraisal scheme is to identify personal and professional development and educational needs, with the ultimate aim of improving clinical performance and patient care.

Appraisal is linked closely to revalidation and is based on the document Good Medical Practice (GMC 2012b), which describes the principles of good medical practice, and standards of competence, care and conduct expected of doctors in all aspects of their professional work.

Medical appraisal reviews your performance in four domains:

  1. Knowledge, skills and performance
  2. Safety and quality
  3. Communication, partnership and teamwork
  4. Maintaining trust

Appraisal documentation and activities are based on the four core arenas of Good Medical Practice Framework (GMC 2012a), each of which is divided into three attributes.

Doctors are required to collect and discuss supporting information from a range of sources (patients, colleagues and their own reflections) to demonstrate their competence across these attributes. There are six types of supporting information required by the GMC (GMC 2012c):

  1. Continuing professional development
  2. Quality improvement activity
  3. Significant events
  4. Feedback from colleagues
  5. Feedback from patients
  6. Review of complaints and compliments

The forms completed by the appraisee and the supporting information provided form the basis of the appraisal discussion.

MSU provides an appraisal scheme in order to support doctors in the revalidation process.

The process

MSU offers a structured annual appraisal system by a trained appraiser within a quality assured appraisal system. The appraisal system follows the framework laid down by the GMC.

The appraisal doctor needs to provide:

 ‘Supporting information relating to each of the attributes in the GMC framework that includes a multi-source feedback, with responses from both colleagues and patients, performed once in each five-year cycle. Evidence of CPD is required, and it should be noted that the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges suggests that a minimum of 50 hours of CPD is required. There is also a requirement to note and reflect on feedback, complaints and adverse incidents.’

The demands from doctors for providing evidence in quality improvement, improving professional standards, and promoting safety along with going in hand in hand with statutory compliance and regulation are putting doctors under increasing pressure of how to structure their time and resource in busy clinical settings. Some doctors feel rather inadequately equipped to manage such pressures. The first cycle of revalidation comes to its end, and the next about to begin in 2016, a need of a resolute support system is felt across the doctors community that can help them manage the process of appraisal and revalidation.

MSU has the solution.

We provide a group of highly experienced, capable, and professional group of Appraisers from all medical specialities for the individual needs of individual doctor. We provide a friendly and professional support through telephone, email, internet based video calling to help doctors go through the process of appraisal and revalidation.

Supporting doctors, improving patient care
In simpler words we can offer you a high quality and structured appraisal and revalidation on very affordable rates. We also offer a Responsible Officer service to various organisations and Designated Bodies (DB’s) or provide a ‘Suitable Person’ who can act as your RO if a formal connection with a designated body is not available. We can also help you send your revalidation evidence direct to the GMC if your circumstances suit this root of revalidation.

In a nutshell, we can help you whatever your particular need is.

For Independent Doctors

An increasing number of doctors are working in the private sector. According to one estimate out of 23700 licensed doctors under the GMC, almost 16-20% is working mainly or majorly in private sector. A good number of doctors are career locum doctors who do short or long term locums and are often find it difficult to establish a healthy connection with a particular DB, an RO or an Appraiser.

MSU understand this difficulty and need of such doctors and is fully capable of helping doctors in these situations. We provide a holistic professional governance structure and a comprehensive support service for these doctors. We take extra care in establishing continuity of professional relationship, 24 hours support system, and do not let constraints of geographic location hamper our quality.

For Healthcare Provider Organisations

According the new act, the organisations or agencies employing or contracting doctors are considered “designated organisations” and they are now by law either required or allowed to appoint a responsible officer of their choice.

For locum agencies the MSU offers a high quality fully outsourced and risk managed service yet extremely competitive to ensure that they can meet professional demands as well as legislative obligations without risk to, or distraction from their core business.

Support for Independent Doctors

Work in inadequately supported and scantly resourced environments can mean doctors are under undue stress, especially an essential issue like appraisal and revalidation. MSU is here to help and we aid you to redress the balance between the imposing burden of regulation and the time and resource poor medical professional.

Moreover, MSU is able to offer a continuity of dependable relationship, independent of your geographic location and a support that spans all work contexts throughout your career.