Supporting Doctors Improving Patient Care

Supporting doctors, improving patient care

Medical Support Union is a doctor/nurse lead revalidation and recruitment service for UK’s best medical professionals. 

The Medical Support Union was conceived and founded in 2011 as an independent medical service provider and professional governance organisation. The main aim was to offer systematic and structured support in Enhanced Appraisal systems, Responsible Officer functions, administrative support and services to individual doctors and organisations.

MSU also aims to promote medical education, teaching and training of contemporary best evidence based medicine through seminars, workshops, talk shows and conferences. MSU also offers a state of the art agency system for UK and international Doctors. We closely link with both the NHS and Private sector throughout the UK and EU and offer excellent rates of pay, training opportunities, revalidation and appraisal package and the high quality of client and consumer care that you would expect from a marketing leading service.

We have had excellent feedback from our current providers and continue to deliver the first class service our clients have come to expect from Medical Support Union.

Comprehensive governance structure

Our comprehensive governance structure helps to ensure proper regulation of the organisation and the defensibility and lawfulness of all statutory related functions that we provide. Governance council members and other committee members are appointed on an honorary basis and do not receive payment.

Our governance council will be elected by our members and will normally sit for a period of 5 years. Further information on the democratic structure and constitution of our governance body will shortly be available in the members area.

Excellence is our founding principle

We are truly independent

Our Appraisers have independence of role and tenure. Our Appraisers, Responsible Officer and indeed our whole governance structure are uninfluenced by contracts of employment, vested interests or managerial objectives outside of their commitment to the medical profession and the patients we serve.

We are on your side

Our whole reason for being is to help you successfully manage the increasing demands of a professional career and in so doing excel in your work on behalf of patients.

Supporting doctors, improving patient care

Innovation to simplify the process for Doctors

MSU is simply and purely an independent organisation.

We have experienced and highly qualified Appraisers. Our team of Appraisers, Responsible Officer and suitable person are completely uninfluenced by any contracts of employment, vested interests or managerial objectives and their commitment is to offer help and support to the medical profession and the patients they serve.

Who we support

We provide a group of highly experienced, capable, and professional group of RO’s (Responsible officer), who can act as an RO for various organisations. We also provide a wide range of experienced and qualified ‘Appraisers’ from all medical specialities for the needs of individual doctor. We provide a friendly and professional support through telephone, email, internet based video calling to help doctors go through the process of appraisal and revalidation.

In simpler words we can offer you a high quality and structured appraisal and revalidation on a very affordable rates. We also offer a Responsible Officer service to various organisations and Designated Bodies (DB’s) or provide a ‘Suitable Person’ who can act as your RO if a formal connection with a designated body is not available. We can also help you send your revalidation evidence direct to the GMC if your circumstances suit this root of revalidation.

In a nutshell, we can help you whatever your particular need is.

For Independent Doctors

An increasing number of doctors are working in the private sector. According to one estimate out of 23700 licensed doctors under the GMC, almost 16-20% is working mainly or majorly in private sector. A good number of doctors are career locum doctors who do short or long term locums and are often find it difficult to establish a healthy connection with a particular DB, an RO or an Appraiser.

Medical Support Union understand this difficulty and need of such doctors and is fully capable of helping doctors in these situations. We provide a holistic professional governance structure and a comprehensive support service for these doctors. We take extra care in establishing continuity of professional relationship, 24 hours support system, and do not let constraints of geographic location hamper our quality

MSU offers highly experienced, capable, and professional RO’s who can act as an RO for various organisations.

Supporting doctors, improving patient care

For Healthcare Provider Organisations

According the new act, the organisations or agencies employing or contracting doctors are considered “designated organisations” and they are now by law either required or allowed to appoint a responsible officer of their choice.

For locum agencies, Medical Support Union offers a high quality fully outsourced and risk managed service to ensure that they can meet professional demands as well as legislative obligations without risk to, or distraction from their core business.

Support for Independent Doctors

Work in inadequately supported and scantly resoucred resourced environments can mean doctors are under undue stress, especially an essential issue like appraisal and revalidation. Medical Support Union is here to help and we aid you to redress the balance between the imposing burden of regulation and the time and resource poor medical professional.

Moreover, Medical Support Union is able to offer a continuity of dependable relationship, independent of your geographic location and a support that spans all work contexts throughout your career.

MSU offers locum agencies a  fully outsourced service to meet their professional demands and obligations