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Our independent Appraisal process adheres to GMC requirements and is well designed, keeping you on track 24/7

Revalidation is the statutory process by which medical practitioners are to demonstrate their continued fitness to practise and renew their license with the GMC.

The amendments to the medical act 1983 brought in the requirement for all doctors practising in the UK to hold a license to practice. All doctors with full GMC registration were issued with a licence to practice on the 16th November 2009. The licence to practise was the first step towards the introduction of revalidation. Revalidation commenced on December 3rd 2012 when the Licence to Practise and Revalidation regulations came into legal force.

Pathways to Revalidation

Currently there are 3 pathways by which GMC licensed medical practitioners can revalidate.

  1. Connection to a Designated Body and a Responsible Officer
    The most common pathway
  2. Connection to a Suitable Person (SP)
    Relatively common
  3. Direct Submission to the GMC

Through this route the independent doctors without a connection to a Designated Body or Suitable Person to Revalidate are enabled Direct Submission to the GMC. The medical practitioner who has chosen to Revalidate via the Direct Submission route according will the need to make an annual return of information to the GMC. The GMC advises medical practitioners considering the direct submission route as follows “you will need to make arrangements yourself, through an independent provider of UK medical appraisals based on our GMP framework for revalidation” MSU is one such provider.

Increasing numbers of medical practitioners are choosing the Direct Submission route

You can read more about the direct submission route by clicking here

If you are unsure about which Revalidation pathway is appropriate to your situation, or the pros and cons of each pathway, please get in touch and we can advise you.

MSU Appraisers are available to provide annual appraisal meetings or to meet with Appraisees on a more frequent basis throughout the year, as desired or indicated by Appraisees appraisal plans.

Our supportive approach to revalidation

Our independent Appraisal process is robust and adheres to the GMC requirements in GMP for Appraisal and Revalidation. Our process management is meticulous and designed to ensure that you stay on track for Revalidation leading to Relicensing and Recertification.

The Appraisal management process is responsive and will identify progress issues at an early stage ensuring that they are resolved do not become problematic.

The MSU has growing number of experienced consultant appraisers from different medical and surgical specialties. Our members can choose to be appraised by an appraiser from their own specialty background.

Consistency and continuity are essential components of a successful approach to dealing with regulatory and compliance demands.

The MSU Appraisers are available to provide annual appraisal meetings or to meet with Appraisees on a more frequent basis throughout the year, as desired or indicated by Appraisees appraisal plans. Our innovative technology and administrative services make for an optimally efficient approach, which alleviates doctors and organisation from the burden of mundane process tasks.

Doctors working outside of NHS contracts of employment may find difficulty in accessing an Enhanced Appraisal and Responsible Officer service that provides them with continuity across work settings and appropriate support through the process. Doctors with portfolio careers or those who work in different geographic locations will suffer lack of continuity. By contrast the MSU provides across work settings, irrespective of geographic location. We can offer total continuity to the locum or independent doctor with a portfolio career.

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